BTS fire skirt shirt boots jacket

Fire gave us some of the most iconic looks like Jin rocking blonde hair, RM’s short mint hair, and the camo from the music video. The camo is the main inspiration of this look along with the party vibe overall.

BTS fire skirt shirt boots jacket
Release 03 Cropped Long-Sleeved T-Shirt – $98

Cropped Camo Fringe Jacket – $525

Quinn High-Rise Mini Denim Skirt – $141

Black 1B50 Britain XL Boots – $260

Oversized Round Acetate Sunglasses – $220

Fire Top

To start off this fire look (all puns intended) let’s start with a long sleeved crop top from Wardrobe NYC. Since many of the members wore black tops during this era, it seemed fitting to add it to the look. It’s a simple piece that’ll allow the other pieces to shine. 

Fire Bottom

To match with the crop top, let’s bring in a black high rise skirt from Agolde. Much like the top dark bottoms was a common addition to the looks in the era. Also like the top, it’s a good simple piece that can be dressed up. Though the shade of black is different from the top, it gives a good contrast to the complete look.

Fire Shoes

Though the shoes worn in the music video were more elegant, a pair of Britain XL boots from Dr. Martens fit the vibe of this look better. Since the book is longer they’ll stand out while being comfortable and fitting the party vibe this look is going for. With the boots also being black it completes a nice all black look.


These are the pieces that will complete the Fire music video vibes. The addition of the camo cropped fringe jacket from R13 and a pair of blue oversized round sunglasses from George Keburia. Taking inspiration from Jungkook’s camo jacket and V’s fringe jacket, the camo fringe jacket is a perfect combination. Though it sounds like an odd jacket, pairing it with an all black outfit makes it stand out and makes it the perfect piece for this look. With final inspiration from RM’s sunglasses, they felt like a nice addition to the outfit. Though the sunglasses are the lightest item in the outfit, they give them help the overall look not appear as dark.