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Hello and welcome to Look & Hue, a space where we bring you the latest trends and opinions on fashion. We all have our own fashion styles and tastes and Look & Hue is the place where we can bring all those styles together. Whether a complete lookbook for the season, celebrity looks at the hottest award shows, or the smallest details of accessories, we will give you a sense of what will be hot from season to season and how to incorporate into your closet.


Have you found that one of a kind colour that you want to put in you closet but don’t know how? Are you looking for fashion inspiration? Then the LookBook is just for you. Find all kinds of styles and looks for any occasion right here! 

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Our Curators

TJ Cummings

Editor in Chief

Hello hello! I am a Toronto-native currently living in Atlanta, a city that is the fashion capital of the South and quickly becoming a fashion capital. Even though my formal education is in radiology, my passion is fashion. Expressing yourself with style and colour has always appealed to me from my early teens. Finding combinations of patterns and colours for an occasion was a welcome change of pace from the normal 9-5. I am honoured to be a member of the Look & Hue team and I look forward to growing this new community.

Sydney Davis

Managing Editor

Hi there! I am from Chicago and I am currently living in South Korea (becoming one of the fashion capitals of the world) as an educator. While my background is in science, my love (maybe obsession) with fashion started in my early 20’s after college with a focus on how to be more environmentally conscience with fashion. I am always surfing the media, reading fashion editorials and looking at the newest trends and fashion. I love putting outfits together for myself and others that expresses personality and changes in the social space. I am very excited to be apart of the Look & Hue team and I am excited to see how we grow together.

Takara "Kara" Alleyne


Hello! I'm from NYC and currently a student going for Liberal Studies. While i know much about music and other forms of the arts, my interest in fashion became more prevalent in high school. I am so excited to be a part of of the Look and Hue team and look forward to expanding my knowledge and interest!